Video Editor +  Motion Graphics + Animation


Andrea Otto is a Los Angeles based editor who hails from Columbus, OH. Upon graduating from Ohio University, she packed up her station wagon and made the journey to California. After working in stop-motion animation and on set in the art department, she found her way back to her original passion, editing. Having now worked in post production for 7 years, she’s worked on everything from social media videos for Disney+, Pixar, Star Wars & Disney brands to broadcast television shows on CW, Cooking Channel, and POPTV.

For Andrea, every edit presents a new challenge and a puzzle to be solved. With a passion for story telling, she loves seeing the pieces all come together into the perfect cut. Her background as an assistant editor also gives her a strong eye for detail, organization and a talent for troubleshooting any technical difficulties. There’s nothing she loves more than the sight of a perfectly organized and completed timeline!